Month: August 2006

Is there copper in The Coppertop

My musings on how the price of copper (Aug. 8 blog) has had an impact on extension cord manufacturing led to another question that has me scratching my head. Duracell has been calling their line of consumer alkaline batteries “The

Rechargeable batteries for wireless mics

If you want to strike fear in the heart of someone who sells batteries for a living, just tell them about the great rechargeable battery you’ve just discovered for your wireless mics. That fear won’t last long, though. For better

Making Your Own Multioutlet Cable

Let’s see if we can get back to the problem I was discussing in my Aug. 3 postings.I was lamenting not being able to meet a customers need for a better multioutlet cable because of the need to order in

Meet Flashlight Fred

I am going to be on vacation for a few days, so I am going to turn the blogosphere over to Flashlight Fred. Fred is a world-renowned flashlight expert and I learn something from him every day. See you soon!

Copper Prices Impact Extension Cords

My thoughts regarding solving the lead time for modifying an imported product (Electratrac Multioutle Cables) were quickly sidetracked by a much more pressing problem related to extension cord manufacturing. That problem is the volatility in copper prices.We received notification that

Solving A Customer’s Problem

I got an interesting call today from a new customer and it started me on problem solving quest that I can’t finish. Maybe someone who drops by here can help. This customer had ordered some of our Electratrac multi-outlet extension