Month: April 2013

How’s Business? Just Check The Pallet Index

All the business news shows spend most of their time speculating on whether or not the recession is over and looking for ways to measure how American business is responding to the economic downturn. Here’s one of our favorite indicators.

Sales Tax Proposal Will Hit All Customers In The Wallet

I just finished contacting both of North Carolina’s Senators regarding internet sales tax legislation  now moving through the U.S. Senate. This is bad legislation and will only lead to higher prices and lost job creation opportunities. If small business is

Customer Holding For You On Line 1 (And Line 2 & Line 3….!)

It’s hard to imagine a more important customer service function than answering the phone. I have been trying to contact a couple of our suppliers (companies that we send thousands of dollars to on a regular basis) and I can’t

It’s In The Bag-All Weather Giant Plastic Bags To Protect Your Gear

It’s outdoor show season, and that means that drought stricken areas all over the country are planning elaborate and expensive outdoor events so they can make it rain. It’s all but guaranteed that 30 minutes before the event is over,

If It Works With Water, Will It Work With Sweat?

One of my favorite blogs is Gizmag.  It shows up in my email mid-morning, just about the time I am ready for a little distraction.  This online magazine highlights new technology and today’s lead story was about a battery that

FCC Considering Grabbing More Wireless Mic Spectrum-Here We Go Again

spokesperson for

When I picked up yesteday’s New York Times and turned to the business section, I thought I time traveled back to 2010. The lead story was titled “U.S. May Sell Airwaves That Help Broadway Sing.” I thought that that was

A Good Extension Cord is Forever

As I began my garage spring cleaning, I decided to go through the old Christmas decorations, and I was surprised how much I decided to throw away.  Old strings of lights are tough to untangle, almost impossible to fix when

Why Google Needs Old Men-the Sixty Year Old Filter

I’ve spent the entire week swimming upstream against Google, trying to master just a couple of their newest products. They are rolling stuff out faster than I can think and I’m not making much progress getting my hands around their