Sales Tax Proposal Will Hit All Customers In The Wallet

spokesperson for goodbuyguys.comI just finished contacting both of North Carolina’s Senators regarding internet sales tax legislation  now moving through the U.S. Senate.

This is bad legislation and will only lead to higher prices and lost job creation opportunities.

If small business is required to collect and pay sales tax in the hundreds of individual sales tax jurisdictions in the country, all customers will pay the higher cost, and not just in the added sales tax.

We are proud to serve a national customer base and if we have to keep track of all the different tax policies and rates, the administrative cost of that additional work will have to be reflected in the prices we charge.  Even if the tax doesn’t go to your state, you’ll pay for the administrative costs connected to every order that is placed.

We don’t mind paying sales tax to our own state, as the benefits of living in North Carolina are clear and the only customers we tax are those that are N.C. based.  That makes sense.

Collecting and forwarding sales tax to Idaho or New Mexico doesn’t make sense and will serve only mega businesses like Amazon who already have a physical presence in lots of states.

If you are involved in e-commerce or just purchase things on line, now is the time to contact your legislators and let them know that this is yet another attempt to stall our slowly recovering economy.

If the Senate wants to raise tax revenues, they should start with collecting “already due” taxes from individuals and businesses that already avoid paying. is your online source for Pro Tapes gaffers tape, Duracell Procell batteries, MagLite flashlights, Nashua duct tape, Bay State wire ties, Hosa and HB extension cords and OnStage Stand mic stands.

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