Month: April 2012

Time For Duracell To Step Up

I was struck by an article in yesterday’s New York Times about the recycling efforts of a company called Honest Tea.  They are making a major push in New York City to encourage recycling efforts for their tea containers, and

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Some Things Never Change

I got a call yesterday for a friend in the pro audio business that I had not heard from in a while.  He called to order batteries,  and we were able to spend a few minutes talking about how things

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How To Get Your “Quiet” Idea Shouted From Coast To Coast

After a couple of years of supplying tape products to a high school robotics competition put on by an organization called US First, I had the opportunity to attend one of their competitions.  What an eye opener! The North Carolina

Are Virtual Performances Just Around The Corner?

A Tupac Shakur video shown at the Coachella Festival was presented as though it was an actual performance, with the late rapper appearing to perform onstage with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog.  It has gotten notice from all sorts of

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Ecoset, a West Coast company, is bringing sustainability to the video and film production business. Located in North Hollywood, CA, since 2008 Ecoset has operated a warehouse where production supplies can be recycled. Items such as set pieces,  plastic water

Sun Shines On The Mobile Stage Industry

Having spent many years in the outdoor event business, I can tell you that there is nothing as complicated about working outside as the issue of electrical power. When you are producing concerts and other outdoor events you find yourself

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Gaffers Tape Inspires Font Designer

Truth be told, the blog is rarely about gaffers tape, but that’s a story for another time. Today I came across what might be the most unusual use for gaffers tape that I have seen in 20+ years of

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A Digital Microphone. Really?

A recent trade journal article caught my eye with this headline: Future mics need to be more digital and more controllable. The article goes on to point out the obvious, that sound is inherently analog, involving the moving of air

Is This Opening Week of Stage Collapse Season?

Last year’s outdoor concert season brought a disturbingly high number of stories about stage collapses.  The collapse of the stage at the Indiana State Fair before a Sugarland concert that killed 7 people was the most high profile, but there

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Drum Riser Too Crowded? Try Bending The Microphone!

Microphones come and microphones go, but the standard Shure SM57 has been the sound man’s choice for snare drum miking for over  40 years.  Regardless of how many high end mics you might find on a concert or studio drum

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