Drum Riser Too Crowded? Try Bending The Microphone!

mic stand mic for buymic.comMicrophones come and microphones go, but the standard Shure SM57 has been the sound man’s choice for snare drum miking for over  40 years.  Regardless of how many high end mics you might find on a concert or studio drum kit, you’re still likely to see the SM57 miking the snare.

Granelli Audio Labs has finally found a way to improve, or at least change, this classic microphone without modifying its sound.

They’ve taken a real (not replica) SM57 and bent it at a 90 degree angle so that it takes up less space on the drum riser or in the studio.The maker of this unique product claims that the sound of the mic is unchanged and that it maintains identical performance specifications to the original.  Unfortunately, the modified unit costs roughly double what you will pay for an SM57 off the shelf.

If you’d rather try bending one yourself, we’ve got ’em here.

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