Month: March 2012

I Thought We Had Learned Better

Audio pro trade journals usually have some version of a feature known as a “buyers guide”.  Some are more useful than others, and the ones that don’t require a manufacturer to advertise in order to have their products listed usually

Duracell Olympic Promotion Set To End

Since the beginning of the year, Duracell has been offering a $25.00 gift card with the purchase of $100.00 of Duracell or Duracell Procell batteries.  We have promoted this offer at our web site and have heavily promoted it

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The Quarter Inch Connector-It’s Evolution Proof

We sell all sorts of audio cables with connectors, and there have been lots of new products brought to the market over the last several years that are real improvements.  Connectors like Neutrik’s Speakons and all sorts of data connectors

It Might Be Time To Fire Your Home Security Company

I have posted a number of articles recently about industries that are at risk of being put out of business by free or inexpensive internet applications.  Home security may be the next victim. Recently, I have completed a home security

Is Copper The New Gold?

On a recent cross country plane trip, I found myself seated beside a very talkative Oriental man.  He spoke pretty good English, and after a while I understood that he was a Chinese mining engineer who was on his way

Glad I Didn’t Invest In That Career

Back in the days when I worked as a production manager for large corporate events, the sub-contractor whose job I envied most was the guy who provided the teleprompter service.  Corporate CEO’s wanted to be able to deliver their remarks

Watching A BIG TV

I took my son Kevin to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band last night in Greensboro.  I had seen the E Street Band before several times, but my son, who is about a third the age of Springsteen,

The Internet Is Not A Phone Book

One of the things that makes our online sites different from lots of others is that we display our phone number prominently.  If you’ve ever tried to contact Amazon or Ebay by phone, you know what I am talking about.

What About The Gospel of Blue Screen of Death?

I left the live “hands on” sound business about the time digital mixing consoles started to gain wide acceptance.  I was an early skeptic, but, obviously, this technology is ready for prime time.  What started in use on major tours

Want A Promotion? Learn To Look At Me!

I get to work with a lot of young people, and it makes my days much more enjoyable.  Between my office and working as a volunteer at the local high school and as an usher at  my church, I am