Month: September 2007

Growth of Adhesive Tape Industry

My Google news alerts this morning pointed to a report about the anticipated growth of the pressure sensitive tape industry over the next several years. The report projects strong growth through 2010. Shurtape (the maker of 665 gaffers tape) sure

A Must For Every AV Techs Tool Box

Having been a sound man for many years, I got used to dragging around lots of specialized tools necessary to get a complicated audio job done. If I had to give up all but one, here’s what I would keep.

Great New USB Microphone Preamp

My son and I have been involved in recording my wife playing the piano so she can make some CD’s for her Mother. It has been a fun project, but a lot more complicated than it ought to be. I

Did Perry Mason Need An LCD Projector?

It’s always interesting to stumble upon a new type of customer for our products, and I have noticed recently that we are getting more and more orders from lawyers and courts. I had not thought much about it until I

Is Our Quest Finally Over?

We’ve been struggling with a solution for temporary gym floor marking for about a year now, and it looks like we may have finally solved a vexing problem. I had a chance to attend the home opener for UNC’s Womens

A New Way For The Internet To Make You Bigger Then Make You Smaller

Occasionally, I get a call (a complaint, really) from a customer who is unhappy because a tape product they ordered was described as being two inches wide, but turned out to really be only about 1 7/8″ in width. They’re