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Why The Internet Hates Miles Davis

Miles Davis, the famous jazz trumpeter, once said “don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there”. That may be great advice for a musician learning to improvise, but it would not have gotten much traction with internet search engines. When

Customer Service With A Paper Bag Over Your Head

In days gone by, putting a bag over your head was a way to create a disguise, make a mask, or get a laugh.  Now, it seems it has morphed into a way to hide your shame when you are

Waze Gets Crowd Sourcing Right

After having my Google Maps GPS indicate that my drive home every afternoon included a half mile jaunt through a cornfield (it failed to update to include a realignment of our road), I decided that it might be time to

Ticketmaster “Chickens Out”

My dislike of the captcha security system is something i have written about before.  The requirement that you type a decipherable phrase in order to access a web site or complete a purchase transaction has caused me to abandon my

Does A New Search Engine Stand A Chance?

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing continue to dominate the world of internet search, with Google holding a dominant position and Yahoo slowly fading into the background.  Lots of people will tell you that the “battle for search” is over. I

Selling The User Experience

We love a web site called  It is run by a well known designer named Peter Buchanan, and started out selling, of all things, axes with hand painted handles. The axes quickly took on the cachet of  being works

Network News “Phones It In”

I recently got a cell phone that can operate over a 4G network, and I am certainly impressed at the speed at which these wireless networks transmit data.  The phone lets me share the signal with up to five devices,

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A Digital Magazine That May Actually Save A Few Trees

I have long been a fan of the free (advertiser supported) trade journals published for the audio visual and entertainment production industries.  I am sure that this happens with all sorts of special interest professional groups, but magazines published for

The Death of Television-Part Two

spokesperson for

I wrote several weeks ago about ongoing rumors about Apple bringing a television to the marketplace and how I thought that that window of opportunity had closed for them. The end of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament last night brought

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It Might Be Time To Fire Your Home Security Company

I have posted a number of articles recently about industries that are at risk of being put out of business by free or inexpensive internet applications.  Home security may be the next victim. Recently, I have completed a home security