Does A New Search Engine Stand A Chance?

good idea jeff from buytape.comGoogle, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing continue to dominate the world of internet search, with Google holding a dominant position and Yahoo slowly fading into the background.  Lots of people will tell you that the “battle for search” is over.

I have been trying a new search engine recently, and I feel like that they might actually have a chance to make an impact.

duckduckgo logl

It goes by the improbable (more improbable than Bing?) name of duckduckgo and it has Google beat, hands down in several key areas.

If you think that the Google search interface is clean and simple (what wouldn’t be, compared to Yahoo), then you will be blown away by the duckduckgo interface.  Nothing but their logo and a search field.  No clutter, no ads, nothing to distract you.

Search returns are lightning fast, featuring something duckduckgo calls “Instant Answers” which provide a likely answer to what you were really searching for without your having to click additional links.

There are some ads, but they are clearly indentified as such and don’t add visual clutter and navigation hazards to the page.

Best of all, duckduckgo does not track you.  Your search history is not stored as a way to serve you ads later or to try to categorize you as some sort of a customer “type”.

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