Month: October 2011

A Tip Of The Hat To Duracell

Duracell, in cooperation with the Firehouse Subs restaurant chain have a national Fire Safety month promotion that will reward customers who buy a $5  medallion at the restaurant with a free Duracell 9 volt battery. October is national fire safety

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Really Friendly Robots

We manage content for lots of blogs, primarily sites that are product specific.  They are all built on the Word Press platform. By default, settings for Word Press allow readers to post comments.  You can moderate the comments and decide

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“As Seen On The Radio”

I wrote a while back on the subject of how people who produce video in front of live audiences are blind to anything that the camera does not see, regardless of what the audience in the hall might be viewing.

Are You Sure They’re Really Musicians?

Like many of you, I migrated from performing to being a stage tech at least partly because I realized that most musicians could barely find their way to the gig, and thus there were real opportunities in migrating from playing

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Making The Case For An XLR Speaker Cable

Many years ago when I worked in the Technical Services Dept. at Duke University, we embraced a speaker cable connector standard that seems to have fallen by the wayside.  We used the standard XLR3 connector for speaker cables-the same connector that

Now That’s Some Cool Tape

After being in the tape business for twenty years, it’s not every day that learn something new. When a customer shares a new tip with us, I enjoy passing it along to you. We’ve been working with the US Volleyball Assoc.

How Many Times Would I Have Liked To Have This?

Neutrik, the maker of a broad line of audio connectors, has a great new product that every sound person ought to know about.  Its a new style of XLR connector called theConvertcon. How many times have you gotten to the end

Can Some Well Placed Gaffers Tape Help You Get What’s Coming To You?

I don’t watch much television, and if I do, its usually “late night”. I’m always surprised to see how prominently musical equipment manufacturers logos are displayed when you see bands on programs like Late Night With David Letterman or The Tonight Show. While