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Amex Takes A Punch To The Gut-Twice!

We’ve accepted the American Express card for online purchase payments for years.  It is something our customers asked for and we were willing to accommodate them, but we didn’t like it. Amex is a bully, is inconsiderate of their real

Not Using Amazon Prime Yet? It’s Gonna Cost You

We’re big fans of Amazon Prime in our office and something from Amazon hits our dock every single day. We get our money’s worth (currently $79 annually) every month, and have probably saved well over $1000 in shipping costs over

Are Your Ready To Pay For My Free Shipping?

Free shipping is all the rage in e-commerce these days, and it appears that major online retailers have actually convinced internet shoppers that shipping really is free. You don’t have to apply much thought to this before it becomes apparent

The Internet Is Not A Phone Book

One of the things that makes our online sites different from lots of others is that we display our phone number prominently.  If you’ve ever tried to contact Amazon or Ebay by phone, you know what I am talking about.

Is This Any Way To Treat Your Best Customers?

I rarely go to the grocery store during the week, but I was out of the office this morning and stopped by to pick up something for lunch. I grabbed a couple of items and jumped in the express line. 

Are You Paying To Support “Orphans” You Haven’t Seen In Years?

In checking over our monthly American Express statement (I really should do this more often) I noticed a charge from Google Adwords for $20.83. I dug back a little further and found that this charge had been repeating itself on

Power A Smile Lights Up Toys For Tots

Duracell has committed up to one million batteries in this year’s Power A Smile campaign for Toys For Tots. Celebrity spokesperson Ellen DeGeneres shared details about Duracell’s holiday generosity in a video featured on the San Francisco Examiner’s web site.

Does The Seller Still Set The Terms?

A classic concept in business is that “the seller sets the terms”. That means that the seller (the one that has an item or service that you want to buy) sets the terms (the price, the delivery date, the time

Customer Service With A Paper Bag Over Your Head

In days gone by, putting a bag over your head was a way to create a disguise, make a mask, or get a laugh.  Now, it seems it has morphed into a way to hide your shame when you are

If You Think Our Shipping Costs Are Too High Now, You Better Prepare Yourself

The stuff we sell is heavy. Gaffers tape is heavy. Batteries are heavy. Microphone stands are really heavy. When you place an order with us, our web sites interface with UPS and your shipping costs are calculated based on the