Not Using Amazon Prime Yet? It’s Gonna Cost You

good idea jeff from goodbuyguys.comWe’re big fans of Amazon Prime in our office and something from Amazon hits our dock every single day. We get our money’s worth (currently $79 annually) every month, and have probably saved well over $1000 in shipping costs over the last year by utilizing their free two day shipping offer. If Amazon doesn’t have it, we probably can live without it.

In a recent announcement, Amazon is telling current customers that their annual fee will increase to $99 the next time their renewal date rolls around, starting in July.

That means if you set up an account now, or sometime in the next three months, you can lock in the $79 price for the next year. Since the cost of UPS shipping went up about 5% at the beginning of this year and will, no doubt, go up again next January, the savings you can get from Amazon Prime will mount up fast.

While not a fan of “all things Amazon”, we heartily endorse their Prime shipping service and think you ought to give it a try-The first 30 days are free. is your online source for Shurtape & Pro Tape gaffers tapeDuracell Procell batteries,  Nashua duct tapeBay State wire tiesHosa and HB  extension cords and lots of other “satisfaction guaranteed” production supplies.


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