Microsoft Gets It Wrong- Again!

good idea jeff from goodbuyguys.comI, for one, was not thrilled when Microsoft promoted from within, naming Satya Nadella as Steve Ballmer’s replacement in the CEO chair. If ever a company needed new eyes, it is Microsoft. Nadella has been at Microsoft for the last 22 years, a time that has seen the continuing slow death of innovation at the company.

Mine, and lots of others, worst fears were realized, when the software giant announced that they would stop supporting the XP operating system in April of this year, an apparent “gun to the head” attempt to force loyal customers to upgrade their OS to Windows 8, or at least Windows 7.

Many, myself included, believe that Windows XP was (is?) the best operating system Microsoft has ever released, and the subsequent releases of Windows 7 and Window 8 prove this out.

Windows 7 remains buggy, even after several years on the market, and Windows 8 was clearly designed for a mobile device, not the desktop.

We still run some work stations with Windows XP in our office and are now scrambling for a solution that will allow us to continue to use this OS without new security risks when Microsoft pulls the plug next month.

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