Month: October 2009

When A Mailbox Full of Spam Is Worth The Irritation

I’ve been doing business on the internet for almost 15 years and have my email address on hundreds of web pages.  Needless to say, I get a lot of pointless email. Still, the thousands upon thousands of spam messages I

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall? Join the Stagehands Union

I spent a number of years working as a union stagehand, rising to the position of vice-president of my local and enjoying a steady income while seeing lots of great shows.  I gave this sort of work up several years

I’ve Seen The Future-It’s Called “Roku”

I occasionally have lunch at a Chinese restaurant near my office. Next door, there is an empty storefront that used to be a video rental store.  It’s long gone, and the mall owner has had no luck in finding a

What Big Companies Tell Us About Small Ones

  Public companies, whether they like it or not, are required by law to reveal a lot more about their finances and operations than they probably want to.  They are owned by their stockholders and regulated by the Securities and

Placing Orders Over The Phone

 We get phone calls every day from customers who find us online but decide to place their orders over the phone.  The standard response is that they don’t trust the internet with sensitive credit card information.  We’re happy to take