I’ve Seen The Future-It’s Called “Roku”

ted_head.jpg I occasionally have lunch at a Chinese restaurant near my office. Next door, there is an empty storefront that used to be a video rental store.  It’s long gone, and the mall owner has had no luck in finding a new tenant.  I wish them well in filling this space, but you can be sure that whoever eventually takes it won’t be in the video rental business.

The days of going to the video store are over forever.

About a week ago I purchased a gadget called a Roku box and signed up for the basic $9.00 a month Netflix account.  I don’t watch a lot of television, but this little gadget may change my habits. Roku allows you to stream Netflix content through your wi-fi connection to your digital television directly-no computer needed.

With the set top box and the Netflix subscription, you can watch thousands of Netflix movies and television shows instantly-no need to mail DVD’s back and forth anymore. The price stays at $9.00 a month regardless of how much content you watch. It works incredibly well and doesn’t seem to significantly impact our overall internet speed and capacity.

Unlike watching streaming video on computer services like Hulu, the Roku box almost never stops for “buffering” issues even when streaming full screen images on a 37″ display.  You can watch directly on you computer as well, so you have access to Netflix content anywhere wi-fi is available.

Unless Blockbuster has plans to roll out something similar soon, they should be very afraid.  Roku is the future of streaming media.

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