Month: April 2009

Quick Follow Up To Yesterday’s Blog

Yesterday, I posted some comments on Google knol and I have already gotten a couple of questions answered. While the articles don’t show up in search when the key words are used by themselves, when you combine the key words

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What’s Google Up To Now?

Have you heard of Google knol?  I hadn’t either until yesterday. Knol is an acronym created by Google, and it means “a unit of knowledge“. Knol is a new content creation index from Google that has a lot of similarities

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New Newsletter On the Way

We’re getting ready to roll out a brand new newsletter with lots of tips, product information and other useful stuff.  We look forward to including you in this community. Sign up here.     Sign Up for the Good

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How About A Little Balance Here

I spend my entire day online staring at four computer monitors.  It is not exciting as life was when I was a special event producer, but it is a heck of a lot better way to get my childrens’ tuition

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These Guys Are “First” Among Our Favorite Customers

We got a nice gaffers tape order this morning from the First robotics competition and we are excited about working with this customer. The first several times we got online orders from “usfirst“, frankly we thought they were coming from

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