Month: March 2007

Can Something Be “Smart” If It Doesn’t Exist

If you check by here periodically, you know that I have written several times about the proposed change in wireless mic frequency allocation and how it might impact the pro sound industry. The plot thickens. On the positive side, US

Should We Sell Wireless Mics

A lot of my time is spent in evaluating new products and deciding how they might meet our customers needs. We have always focused on expendables, but lately we have added some other products because they seemed like a logical

The Rise and Fall of Tax Breaks

I’ve lived in North Carolina my entire life and have been in some aspect of the entertainment business since the mid 1970’s. North Carolina is a healthy business environment and I have been at this long enough to have survived

Maybe We Should Sell Car Batteries

You don’t usually think of car batteries as expendables, but it looks like that is changing. An interesting article in this weeks Wall Street Journal talks about how the demands of today’s electronic-laden cars are taking a real toll on

The Best Thing About Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time began yesterday, and the best part of an extra hour of daylight is the chance to get into the garden after work. Yesterday was a beautiful early spring day and the extra hour was put to good

Time To Change That Smoke Detector Battery

Daylight savings time starts this weekend. The clock is being set forward three weeks earlier this year and some confusion is probably in order. One thing you don’t want to be confused about is the need to change your smoke

Apply Before Wetting!

We’ve had a satisfaction guaranteed warranty for everything we sell since the day we opened. Its unusual for someone to have a problem, but we are always happy to stand behind the guarantee, no matter why the customer is unsatisfied.

An Education In Your Mailbox

I spend several hours a day reading, and the bulk of my time is spent with technical journals. I never cease to be amazed at how willing publishers of magazines oriented towards the entertaiment production and audio visual industries are