Month: June 2007

Why I Buy Gasoline In The Afternoon

There is a new gas station down the road from us that has one of the cleverest pricing schemes I have ever seen. The highway this station is on has recently been widened and a median added so southbond traffic

Just One of 147,000,000

I periodically analyze something called a “web log,” which gives us information about how many visitors we have to our sites and how they arrive there. One of my primary interests is in the analysis of search terms, as this

Los Lonely Boys

We have quite a few touring acts as customers, but its rare when we get an order from one that everyone in our office gets excited about. A battery order that we got overnight has everybody humming “Heaven“. We love

Putting First Things First

We’ve made some changes here recently that have meant that I now have additional web developer responsibilities. It is work that I enjoy, but it can be complicated. The learning curve is steep. One of the new tasks that has

Shurtape 665

We continue to suffer fallout from the retiring of Permacel as the brand name for 665 gaffers tape. While customers who have agreed to be shipped the Shurtape version of this product seem satisfied, the long range prospects for this

I Wish I Had Known This 15 Years Ago

I periodically review both good podcasts and random pieces of interesting audio equipment. This posting is about both, or neither, depending on your point of view. The podcast is GearMediaTech, one of the many podcast enterprises run by Leo Laporte

Duct Tape Revisits the War of the Roses

It seems that Portland Oregon, the home of the Rose Festival Parade is ready to go to war over duct tape. For years local tradition has allowed parade attendees to mark out and reserve prime parade viewing locations with duct

On The Trail of A Good Floor Marking Tape

For several years we offered our customers a tape called SafeOff for use in temporary layout of gym floors. Lots of school and college gyms have to accommodate a lot of sports and you can only paint so many courts

This Mic Does It All

Its been a while since I reviewed a cool new microphone. Calling the new FlashMic form HHB a microphone is like calling a computer a typewriter. Microphone just begins to describe this great new technology. The FlashMic combines a handheld

Take It Out of One Box-Put It In Another Box

We are breaking in a new customer service person today, and I always have to stop when we have a new employee to marvel at how a business like ours can exist at all. We don’t actually make anything and