Take It Out of One Box-Put It In Another Box

spokesguy We are breaking in a new customer service person today, and I always have to stop when we have a new employee to marvel at how a business like ours can exist at all.

We don’t actually make anything and it is hard to support the argument that we really add any value to the things we sell. We rarely meet our customers face-to-face and we work hard to make interactions with our customers as transparent as possible.

We really do “take it out of one box and put it in another box”.

What makes this sort of distribution business work is not so much the products as it is the stream of information that follows each order. Everything from the correct color for your case of gaffers tape to the email address we use to send you the tracking number for your package is attached in some way to that box.

We know that you can buy tape or batteries from hundreds, if not thousand of vendors, and we hope that the way we manage the information you give us regarding your purchase is what will keep you coming back to our (virtual) door.

Some of your information, like credit card info and email address, is very private and we work hard to insure that your confidence won’t be broken. Other info like your tracking number and your invoice info may be made available to your co-workers, receving department or accounting office in order to make sure that the proper accounts are creditedand shipments are efficiently routed. Each order has its own set of info and it has to be handled on a case-by-case basis. We appreciate your trust and will not abuse it.

We’re glad to report that there is a place in the product and information chain for a small business that sells information along with their products. Thank you for making that possible.

GoodBuyGuys.com is your online source for Shurtape gaffers tape, Duracell Procell batteries, MagLite flashlights, Nashua duct tape, Bay State wire ties, Electratrac and Coast Wire extension cords, OnStage Stand mic stands, and lots of other useful tape products.

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