This Mic Does It All

mike2 Its been a while since I reviewed a cool new microphone. Calling the new FlashMic form HHB a microphone is like calling a computer a typewriter. Microphone just begins to describe this great new technology.

The FlashMic combines a handheld mic and an onboard digital recorder that has a full gigabyte of storage. The whole thing runs on AA batteries. No recorder, no cables, nothing but a handheld mic. It uses a quality Sennheiser mic capsule (cardiod or omni) and can record as much as 18 hours of broadcast quality audio.

This is a whole new take on the wireless mic concept. Rather than sending audio wirelessly to a receiver, it simply stores the audio for later downloading into a computer via an onboard USB port. Once you hook the FlashMic up to your computer, you can simply “drag and drop” audio files directly from the mic to your computer. It also has a standard headphone jack so you can listen to the audio directly from the mic or have an audio output that can feed conventional analog audio equipment.

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