Month: July 2010

The Only Thing They Grow On This Farm Is Money

My Facebook page was constantly clogged with friends’ postings about games like Farm Ville and Mafia Wars, so I was really happy when someone showed me how to eliminate this sort of posting to my feed.  “Yes, I like you,

Hey Godaddy! You’re Driving Us Crazy

Over the years I have registered a lot of domain names.  We got into web development about 15 years ago and now there are about 300 url’s on our domain farm.  Some good.  Some not so good. I recently went

That Song You Can’t Get Out Of Your Head

You know that feeling that you have “a radio in your head” and some song gets stuck there and you can’t stop hearing it?  New  research on “no battery” electrical devices at Duke University might someday mean that you really

Hey Steve! Here’s A Roll of Black On Us

Apple has been taking a beating over problems with the antenna of the new iPhone, and it has been interesting to hear the reasons, the excuses, and the solutions regarding this problem. The most recent (and our favorite) way to

Why Did This Take So Long?

By the time you reach my age, changing batteries in the remote control (or anything else) usually starts with a search for my reading glasses.  If I can put the batteries in the wrong way, I will. Microsoft (go figure?)

Coming In For A Landing

One of the best things about selling on the internet is how easy it is to keep up with your competition.  I spend a few minutes every day putting key words and phrases into major search engines to make sure