Month: February 2014

When Is Your Business In Trouble? When There’s No Competition In Your Rear View Mirror

I recently read an interview in on of my favorite trade journals with someone who had started a very successful manufacturing business.  Most of the interview had good insights about starting and maintaining a business, but I was shocked at

The Subject Is The Subject

Or more specifically, the subject line.  As in the subject line of an email. If you are too busy (or lazy) to put something in the subject line of an email that is going to make me want to read

Are Your Ready To Pay For My Free Shipping?

Free shipping is all the rage in e-commerce these days, and it appears that major online retailers have actually convinced internet shoppers that shipping really is free. You don’t have to apply much thought to this before it becomes apparent

Is Amazon Going Into The Sales Tax Business?

We love Amazon Prime.  Someone in our office gets something from Amazon every day, and Prime free shipping is a really strong incentive to just get it from Amazon and forget about shopping around for the best price. I noticed,

Why The Internet Hates Miles Davis

Miles Davis, the famous jazz trumpeter, once said “don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there”. That may be great advice for a musician learning to improvise, but it would not have gotten much traction with internet search engines. When

As Concert Industry Continues To “Gray”, Where Will New Techs Come From?

I read a lot of audio, video and special events trade magazines (most of them are free) and I have been struck lately by the apparent age of the technicians that are profiled. The average age of most of these

This Education Starts “Over Your Head”, Not “In Your Head”

An article about a new stage rigging inspection program in a trade journal I regularly read featured a grant program that funds rigging inspections for schools.  It is a great idea and something that every drama teacher and school facility

Boeing On Line 1-Tesla Holding On Line 2

A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill research team, led by chemist Joseph DeSimone, may have found a solution for the battery problem vexing a couple of the most progressive transportation developments of the last several years. Both Tesla,

Duracell In The Cloud? That’s Fine, Unless It Starts Raining D Cells

The latest company to join the race to store your online data is an unlikely one. Duracell cloud storage for business is taking on Dropbox, Google Drive and other online storage services that will store your data on their servers,

You Want A Path To The Top? Here’s A Great Place To Start

I get to work with a lot of young people, and it makes my days much more enjoyable.  Between my office and working as a volunteer at the local high school and as an usher at  my church, I am