Placing Orders Over The Phone

spokesguy We get phone calls every day from customers who find us online but decide to place their orders over the phone.  The standard response is that they don’t trust the internet with sensitive credit card information.  We’re happy to take the order on the phone, but I’m afraid that I have some bad news for them.  As soon as we complete the phone call, we validate their credit card information on the internet.  

It’s not just us either. Almost all call centers that take orders process the transaction over a secure internet connection. The alternative (a phone validation) is slower, less efficient, and a whole lot more expensive for everyone involved.

I’m willing to bet that these customers wouldn’t hesitate to hand their credit card over to a waiter, who immediately leaves their sight for as  much as ten minutes, and they don’t think twice about giving our order takers the information over the phone.

If your search for a product begins online and your order taking process includes internet research relating to features or price, then why would you think that online purchasing is not a good idea as well?  Even with all the warnings we get relating to online fraud and identity theft, your information is much safer posted to a secure web site than it is in a face-to-face or telephone based  transaction.

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