Will You Lose Your Job To A Memory Cable?

jeff harrison at goodbuyguys.comI used to make a pretty good living providing sound systems for spoken word events and recording them so that they could later be transcribed.

I came across a new product today that just might put whomever is doing that recording these days out of a job.

It is called The Gibson Memory Cable, and it is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas.

Right now it is intended for guitars and other electric instruments, but a version designed for microphones is probably right around the corner.

Gibson Memory CableThe cable has a recording module built directly into it, and utilizing a micro SD card can record up to 13 hours of music (or whatever). The musician can start it, stop it and play back what is recorded from controls integrated into the cable.

A version designed for a microphone would let a presenter do their own recording without any outboard equipment or someone to operate it. All they would need is the cable.

Gibson has not released a price yet, but they are have said that the cost will be competitive with standard premium cables.


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