Customer Service With A Paper Bag Over Your Head

spokesperson for goodbuyguys.comIn days gone by, putting a bag over your head was a way to create a disguise, make a mask, or get a laugh.  Now, it seems it has morphed into a way to hide your shame when you are embarrassed.

It has been used by fans of sports teams that are perennial losers, and now seems to have been also adopted by customer service reps for one of the country’s largest internet service providers. Customer service reps who are apparently so shamed by the quality of their employers’ customer support that they don’t want to have their identities known.

We have been plagued by several days of intemitent and extended internet service outages over the last week and have spent hours on the phone with customer service reps (This isp will remain anonymous for the moment, lest you be unable to read this post).

This is one of the largest communications companies in the United States, and, unbelievably, their customer services reps have been given the option of not providing callers their names.  When you ask again for their last names, they respond that they do not have to provide you with that information.

They have my name, my company name, my phone number and access to my internet use, yet feel that it is acceptable to provide no information to me, their customer.

I can only assume that they are so embarrassed by the quality of their service that they are afraid to let their customer know who they really are.

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