Ticketmaster “Chickens Out”

mic stand mike for goodbuyguys.comMy dislike of the captcha security system is something i have written about before.  The requirement that you type a decipherable phrase in order to access a web site or complete a purchase transaction has caused me to abandon my original intention on dozens of occasions.

Few users of the captcha system caused more complications than Ticketmaster.  Unlike most online transactions, the inability to complete a Ticketmaster purchase in a hurry might mean that you are denied the seats you want or even denied the opportunity to purchase tickets at all.  It’s not like you can just move on to a competitors site to make your purchase.

Ticketmaster has finally acknowledging years of consumer complaints and is ditching the captcha.  The point of asking you to read and type a nonsense set of characters was to prove to Ticketmaster’s servers that you were a human being rather than a robot trying to purchase tickets for the resale market.  Actually, it was Ticketmaster’s programmers whose humanity was being called into question.

Now, instead of having to translate a nonsensical and usually unreadable set of characters, you will be asked to identify an image.

See a picture of a chicken, type the word “chicken” and make the purchase.  Why did this idea take so long?

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