How Not To Apply For A Job

spokesperson for goodbuyguys.comWe’re interviewing to fill a soon-to-be vacated customer service position and my desk is knee deep in resumes.  Interviewing prospective employees has never been one of my favorite jobs,  but social networking has made the employer’s task much easier.

Usually, even before I have finished reading the cover letter,  I am at Facebook to see if I can locate the applicant.  It is a very valuable, if less than perfect, tool.

The very first application I got, included a cover letter that began “I am 19 and looking for a long term position with growth potential.”

Off to Facebook where I quickly found her profile.

Picture 1        Beer in one hand, shot glass in the other

Picture 2       “On the job” picture with her fellow waitresses at Hooters

Picture 3       Beer in one hand with an arm with a Bicardi Rum tattoo over her shoulder

Picture 4      The words “xx Kill Me!” scrawled on a glass table top

On to Google

First Result  Image of the applicant at after having been charged with assaulting a police officer.

I have no idea how difficult it might be to get the last image removed (the mug shot) but the Facebook pictures appear to be images that she posted herself.

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