A Must For Every AV Techs Tool Box

mike2Having been a sound man for many years, I got used to dragging around lots of specialized tools necessary to get a complicated audio job done. If I had to give up all but one, here’s what I would keep.


The Nady CT6 Cable Tester is a wonderful tool and a really great value. Its a quick way to take the guesswork out of cable testing and a “must have” for on-the-go trouble shooting. This pocket-sized device has ports to test cables with all the major audio connectors, inclucing XLR, Speakon, 1/4 inch (both 2 and 3 conductor) RCA, banana plug and 5 pin Mini-DIN. It also has connectors for test leads so you can test a cable that can’t be plugged directly into the tester.

Finally, it has a test tone that will let you determine continutity without even looking at the tester’s LED display.

This rugged device packaged in a tough metal case with good quality screened labeling will work for months on a single 9v battery.

We keep one in our rental department to make sure that every cable with an outgoing rental gets checked.

Got an audio tool you can’t live without? Share it with us!

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