Time For Duracell To Step Up

spokesperson for buybattery.comI was struck by an article in yesterday’s New York Times about the recycling efforts of a company called Honest Tea.  They are making a major push in New York City to encourage recycling efforts for their tea containers, and they are to be applauded.  You can read more here.

Unfortunately, their good news is not the focus of this post.  Reading about their efforts prompted me to revisit the efforts of Duracell (the maker of the Procell batteries we sell) in joining the recycling movement.

Much to my surprise, when I “Googled”  the term “recycle duracell batteries” our battery disposal tips page at buybattery.com came up near the top of page one in the search results.

Now, normally I am very happy to see any of our web pages achieve page one results, but not this time.  If a company as small as ours get these sorts of search results with nothing but a few recycling tips, then efforts to get Duracell products out of the waste stream have a long way to go.

Duracell’s “disposal” tips (the search result directly above ours) indicates that it is safe to dispose of alkaline batteries with regular household trash.  This really misses the point.  Recycling is not about safety (even toxic material can be recycled!).  It is about reducing the amount of material in the waste stream headed for the landfill.

As a distributor of Duracell products, we stand ready to work with them in an effort to end the disposal of their products with regular trash.

It is time for them to step up and take the lead.

We encourage recycling and recycle batteries ourselves, but we will never have the potential to generate any sort of a campaign on a national level.

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