mic stand mike for goodbuyguys.comEcoset, a West Coast company, is bringing sustainability to the video and film production business.

Located in North Hollywood, CA, since 2008 Ecoset has operated a warehouse where production supplies can be recycled.

Items such as set pieces,  plastic water bottles, office supplies, gels, electronic waste and construction materials can be both recycled and re-purposed in order to keep them out of the waste stream.  These services are available during preparation, actual production shooting and wrapping up after a production is finished.

Non-profits have access to reusable items like construction materials and non-reusable things like food waste and electronics can be recycled rather than being sent to the landfill.

You can see some testimonial videos by clicking here.

Click here to learn more about their new warehouse. is your online source for Permacel gaffers tape,Duracell Procell batteries,  Nashua duct tapeBay State wire tiesHosa and HB  extension cords and OnStage Stand mic stands.

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