A Digital Microphone. Really?

mic stand mic for buymic.comA recent trade journal article caught my eye with this headline:

Future mics need to be more digital and more controllable.

The article goes on to point out the obvious, that sound is inherently analog, involving the moving of air and that there is no electrical signal to digitize until the physical energy of moving air is converted into an electric current.

While there are seemingly unlimited opportunities to digitally manage and manipulate sound after it has been converted to electricity, the beginning of this signal chain is going to stay analog until it is possible to capture the electrical impulses in our brains that turn into sound before any air is actually moved.

Consequently, it does not seem possible for “future mics to be more digital“, since whatever a device may do to sound after it is digitized, that device is not a microphone, no matter what you may call it.

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