If It Works With Water, Will It Work With Sweat?

mic stand mike for goodbuyguys.comOne of my favorite blogs is Gizmag.  It shows up in my email mid-morning, just about the time I am ready for a little distraction.  This online magazine highlights new technology and today’s lead story was about a battery that uses metal-air technology and which may be the solution for solving cruising range challenges in electric vehicles.

The line that really caught my eye was this one: “This adds up to a total potential range of 1,000 miles (1,609 km), with stops required only every couple of hundred miles to refill the system with water.”

We sell lots of  batteries and our primary user base is in wireless microphones.  The Phinergy battery technology got me to wondering if someday a singer might be able to power his own microphone just by sweating.

If that worked, Dave Matthews mic battery would last a lifetime!

Read more about the Phinergy battery technology here.

If anything every happens with this, you can read all about it at wirelessmic.net.

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