Year: 2013

Power A Smile Lights Up Toys For Tots

Duracell has committed up to one million batteries in this year’s Power A Smile campaign for Toys For Tots. Celebrity spokesperson Ellen DeGeneres shared details about Duracell’s holiday generosity in a video featured on the San Francisco Examiner’s web site.

Customer Use Of Credit Cards Will Hurt Small Business

We extend lots of credit. Most of our customers are businesses who make repeat purchases and they are very reliable when it comes to paying their bills. We make it easy to qualify for Net 30 terms and a high

USITT Program Brings A New Kind Of Education To The Stage

An article about a new stage rigging inspection program in a trade journal I regularly read featured a grant program that funds rigging inspections for schools.  It is a great idea and something that every drama teacher and school facility

Does The Seller Still Set The Terms?

A classic concept in business is that “the seller sets the terms”. That means that the seller (the one that has an item or service that you want to buy) sets the terms (the price, the delivery date, the time

Customer Service With A Paper Bag Over Your Head

In days gone by, putting a bag over your head was a way to create a disguise, make a mask, or get a laugh.  Now, it seems it has morphed into a way to hide your shame when you are

Concert Industry Is Healthy, But Is It Sustainable

One of my favorite industry trade journals, Pro Sound News, does a series of “state of the industry” reports in its October issue, addressing different segments of the professional audio business. We spent thirty+ years in the sound reinforcement business,

Alkaline Batteries Dead? Don’t Count Out Duracell Just Yet

Duracell is known for making the best alkaline batteries in the world, but new and more reliable rechargeables have made inroads into alkaline sales.  Does that mean that the Coppertop is on its way out? Not according to Interbrand, the

Worried About Loss Of Wireless Spectrum? Congressman Rush Has Your Back

The continued dilution of available spectrum for wireless mics is being elevated from the FCC to Congress, thanks to Congressman Bobby Rus (D-IL). Congressman Ross, who represents the district that is the home of wireless mic giant Shure (Niles, IL)

If You Think Our Shipping Costs Are Too High Now, You Better Prepare Yourself

The stuff we sell is heavy. Gaffers tape is heavy. Batteries are heavy. Microphone stands are really heavy. When you place an order with us, our web sites interface with UPS and your shipping costs are calculated based on the

Maybe It’s Not As Tough To Be A Linkedin Influencer As I Thought

After avoiding doing anything with my LinkedIn account, I have found myself now spending a little time there every day. What’s changed?  It’s LinkedIn Influencers. LinkedIn has managed to get some of the most influential minds in lots of different