Worried About Loss Of Wireless Spectrum? Congressman Rush Has Your Back

mic stand mike for goodbuyguys.comThe continued dilution of available spectrum for wireless mics is being elevated from the FCC to Congress, thanks to Congressman Bobby Rus (D-IL).

Congressman Ross, who represents the district that is the home of wireless mic giant Shure (Niles, IL) has introduced “The Wireless Microphone Users Interfernece Protection Act of 2013” in an attempt to slow the continued auctioning of wireless spectrum to the highest bidder.

Congressman Rush’s bill (H.R. 2911) addresses the need to protect some of the UHF spectrum for the use of professional audio and expansion of the process for licensing users of wireless mics.

We applaud Congressman Rush’s efforts and recommend that you contact him (http://rush.house.gov/) and your own congressman to show your support for the bill.

Click here if you would like to read the bill.

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