A Good Extension Cord is Forever

tex talks about extension cords-buyextensioncord.comAs I began my garage spring cleaning, I decided to go through the old Christmas decorations, and I was surprised how much I decided to throw away.  Old strings of lights are tough to untangle, almost impossible to fix when a lamp burns out and much less efficient than new led lamps.  They just aren’t worth the time it takes to fix them and new ones are really inexpensive.  Out they go.

The only constant in 30+ years of outdoor decorating is my extension cords.  I have many that date back to the 1970’s and they are as functional and useful as the day they were bought.  The only real change, based on the price of copper, is that now they are worth a small fortune.

A little extension cord care can mean that a well made extension cord can last a lifetime.

Proper coiling, storing in a dry place out of sunlight and keeping the cable away from sharp objects is all it takes.

Click here to watch a video on proper cable coiling.

Click here for some tips on extension cord care.

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