Can “Less” Mean More? Maybe This Time

Someone from our shipping department handed me a roll of glow tape yesterday and said it was mislabeled.  The box said 1 inch by 10 yards (our standard size) but the roll was obviously smaller in diameter (shorter) and weighed considerably less.  I assumed there had been a packing error and we had been sent five yard rolls.

Glow Tape From

It turns out that the manufacturer of this product had reformulated it to use a thinner film and that the new film made the roll diameter smaller.  Still 10 yards.

In addition to not telling us about the thickness change, the tape manufacturer had also failed to tell us that the new version of this product was now designed to glow up to ten hours as opposed to the older version which glowed only eight.   Apparently, the thinner film also makes the tape hand tearable, so it can be used without a cutting tool.

We are  happy to pass this information along to our customers.  These manufacturing changes improve the product (another plus-lower shipping weight!) and we think end users will approve. is your online source for Permacel gaffers tape,Duracell Procell batteries,  Nashua duct tapeBay State wire tiesHosa and Entertainment One extension cords and OnStage Stand mic stands.  Every extension cord we sell is “Satisfaction Guaranteed“.

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