Hey Duracell! You Know April Fools Was Two Weeks Ago, Right!

powermatI’ll admit that wireless charging is a bit mysterious, but if anybody ought to understand it, it would be one of the biggest battery makers in the world.

Duracell has been something it calls wireless charging for awhile now, which allows cell phones with a special sensing unit to be placed on an energized mat so that they can be charged without being plugged in.  The catch here is that the device being charged needs that special internal component, and most cell phones don’t have it.

Duracell’s solution-A big “wireless” charging plug that you plug into your phone so that it will work with the charging mat.

That’s right.  Instead of simply plugging your phone in to its charger (the one you got when you bought the phone) Duracell wants you to buy the charging mat AND the special plug so that you can insert the “wireless” plug into the phone instead of just charging it like you used to.

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