Outdoor Show Safety Standards Gain Traction

spokesperson for goodbuyguys.comThe Event Safety Alliance, an organization headed by Jim Digby, the tour manager for Linkin Park, has adopted the slogan “Life Safety First” as a way to move concert safety issues into the forefront in the minds of event planners and producers.

Digby credits an incident in the 1980’s when an accident at a show site killed a  young woman for his ongoing interest in this important work.

Recent deaths and injuries related to stage and stage roof collapses over the last year has given the ESA traction in pressing for national standards.

The alliance is made up of touring pros, equipment manufacturers, attorneys and insurance companies, all who have come together in hopes that safety standards can be adopted that serve the needs of all of the alliance’s constituents.

They are developing “best practices” standards and hope to implement training and certification for those who work in the special events industry.

You can keep track of developments in this important work at the ESA web site and follow news about event safety issues by clicking here.

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