Need A Gift Idea? Check The Bottom Of Your Mic Case

Everywhere you turn right now, regardless of the publication, you’re going to get a gift guide. The New York Times is no different, and in addition to featuring thousand dollar watches and handbags on every page, the Times also sells gift items themselves.

One item that caught my eye on yesterday’s Times gift guide was vintage microphones. Not only did this not make all tha much sense as a gift item, when I saw the prices I was knocked for a loop.

Every sound person has some mics at the bottom of their work box that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Mics that seemed like a good idea at the time, or were the best you could afford, but that never really won you over.

I’m not talking about classics like the Shure SM57 or an AKG 535. These are truly timeless microphones and are as useful today as when they were first designed.

Here are three examples of mics that the New York Times is selling as vintage gifts.

Calrad DM17 $850.00

-currently available on Ebay for as little as $50.00 or best offer

Shure 55 $2100.00

(The Times calls this one the “Elvis Fat Boy”)

-currentl avalible on Ebay for as little as $26.00

Electro Voice 664 $1550.00

(The Times calls this “The Hammer” and if I remember correctly that is about all it was good for)

-currently available on Ebay for as little as $25.00

The Times adds value by including a desk stand (similar to the one we sell for $8.95).

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