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“Yo?” That’s Right, I Said “Yo”

It seems that some new social networking/messaging service rolls out almost every day and most of them head straight for the bottom of the ocean. Yo just might be different. All Yo does is let you send a single spoken

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Can Your Presentation Pass “The Duct Tape Test”?

I edit another blog (product specific) called  It is focused on products used to produce trade shows. Recently I came across a trade show concept called “The Duct Tape Test“.  Obviously, any trade show idea that is focused on

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You’re An Engineer? Where’s Your Train?

I have always been amused at how the live events business has allowed such practices as referring to sound persons as “engineers“, and this is a good example of how the special events production industry has evolved outside of the

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30 Years In The Trenches-What I Really Learned

Until recently, my chosen career was in concert and special event production.  I spent more than 30 years doing sound, lighting, staging and event management.  It was a great run-I got to see the country and make dozens of great

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No Time To Scrutinize Your UPS Bill? This Might Change Your Mind

We ship lots of packages by UPS, sometimes as many as 100 in a single day. We think that they do a good job, and we’re always happy to see a brown truck backed up to our loading dock. What

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Will You Lose Your Job To A Memory Cable?

I used to make a pretty good living providing sound systems for spoken word events and recording them so that they could later be transcribed. I came across a new product today that just might put whomever is doing that

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Not Using Amazon Prime Yet? It’s Gonna Cost You

We’re big fans of Amazon Prime in our office and something from Amazon hits our dock every single day. We get our money’s worth (currently $79 annually) every month, and have probably saved well over $1000 in shipping costs over

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Microsoft Gets It Wrong- Again!

I, for one, was not thrilled when Microsoft promoted from within, naming Satya Nadella as Steve Ballmer’s replacement in the CEO chair. If ever a company needed new eyes, it is Microsoft. Nadella has been at Microsoft for the last

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You’re My Customer and “You’re Fired”

One of the most annoying platitudes in all of business is “the customer is always right”. Who are you kidding? Any business that automatically stands on the side of the customer instead of their own employees is going to be

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When Is Your Business In Trouble? When There’s No Competition In Your Rear View Mirror

I recently read an interview in on of my favorite trade journals with someone who had started a very successful manufacturing business.  Most of the interview had good insights about starting and maintaining a business, but I was shocked at

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