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Worried About Loss Of Wireless Spectrum? Congressman Rush Has Your Back

The continued dilution of available spectrum for wireless mics is being elevated from the FCC to Congress, thanks to Congressman Bobby Rus (D-IL). Congressman Ross, who represents the district that is the home of wireless mic giant Shure (Niles, IL)

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Press Blackout? Really?

I have regularly written about the value of ad supported trade publications for the concert production industry.  They may be supported by advertisers, but they have lots of quality editorial content, and they are free. One of my favorites is

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“Did You Change The Batteries?”

That’s the first thing any singer, minister, ceo or broadcaster is going to ask the sound person when there is a wireless mic failure.  Wireless mics are much more reliable than they were just a few years ago, but they

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What Was Old Is Now New Again

There is no denying that Yamaha has been on the point in sound mixer development for many years, both in the analog and the digital domains. There PM series of mixers defined state of the art in vca style analog

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It’s In The Bag-All Weather Giant Plastic Bags To Protect Your Gear

It’s outdoor show season, and that means that drought stricken areas all over the country are planning elaborate and expensive outdoor events so they can make it rain. It’s all but guaranteed that 30 minutes before the event is over,

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If It Works With Water, Will It Work With Sweat?

One of my favorite blogs is Gizmag.  It shows up in my email mid-morning, just about the time I am ready for a little distraction.  This online magazine highlights new technology and today’s lead story was about a battery that

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FCC Considering Grabbing More Wireless Mic Spectrum-Here We Go Again

spokesperson for

When I picked up yesteday’s New York Times and turned to the business section, I thought I time traveled back to 2010. The lead story was titled “U.S. May Sell Airwaves That Help Broadway Sing.” I thought that that was

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Hosa Raises The Bar With New Cable Tester

Most “failures” of  sound equipment and other electronics are not component failures at all, but rather they are cable failures.  The cables that interconnect system components take a lot more punishment than the hardware they hook together and this is

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Guitar Player Too Loud? Send Him An Email!

A recent audio trade journal I read featured the new Mackie DL1608 digital mixer.  Something about the picture at the top of the page really looked familiar.  Reading the article, I quickly realized why. The “mixer” turned out to actually

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Concert Weather Safety Advocates Fail To Account For Hail Storm of Folding Chairs

Leaders in the outdoor events safety movement have made great advances in the last year in promoting safety in outdoor events when weather becomes an issue. A recent event in Buffalo, NY made it clear that there was one atmospheric

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