A Job That Comes With A Target On Your Back

ted_head.jpg As part of their plan to roll out a retail store initiative, Microsoft is hiring away Apple Store employees to run the new Microsoft Stores.

These ever loyal Apple employees are apparently jumping at the chance to make a little more money.

According to The Loop, a tech blog that covers all things Apple, Microsoft is approaching managers of Apple Stores and offering them positions with Microsoft at significantly higher salaries.  Once on board with Microsoft, these managers are then contacting Apple Store employees who are apparently also succumbing to Microsoft’s generous offers. I guess that’s why Apple calls them geniuses!

After 20 plus years of banging my head against the wall over countless Microsoft software problems, I am really looking forward to being able to put a face on Microsoft. Getting a one on one explanation of why a simple OS upgrade takes two days and two dozen system reboots is something on my “must do” list.

Unless they lock the doors to anyone except purchasers of a new Zune, there are going to be so many angry MS customers lined up at the “Guru Bar” (Microsoft’s version of Apple Store’s “Genius Bars”) that people interested in making a purchase won’t even be able to get into the building.

As to those former Apple Store managers, they can go ahead and start thinking about what they’re going to do once  the plug is pulled  on this project.

Microsoft has really raised the bar on billion dollar bad ideas.

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