New Wireless Mics Rules Will Separate The “Haves” From The “Have Nots”

good idea jeff from goodbuyguys.comIf you went through the outlawing ( and subsequent wholesale replacement) of wireless mics that operated in the 700 mHz frequency range in 2010, you probably thought your new mics were good for awhile.

Maybe not for as long as you thought.

There are lots of parts to the proposed new FCC ruling that will lead to the auctioning of the 600 mHz range of frequencies, but if you replaced your 700 mHz range mics with those that operate in the 600 mHz zone, you may be in for some surprises.

While the new rule recommends that some bands within the lower range be held for wireless mics, it will only be available for operators who have fifty or more systems.

That essentially means that all the schools, churches, college theatres, etc. that shelled out major dollars for new mics will be faced with another round of replacements.

While the new rules are not yet law and are not scheduled for implementation until 2018, major players including the big wireless mic manufacturers are lining up behind the new legislation, so it is likely that these changes are on the way.

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