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The Quarter Inch Connector-It’s Evolution Proof

We sell all sorts of audio cables with connectors, and there have been lots of new products brought to the market over the last several years that are real improvements. ¬†Connectors like Neutrik’s Speakons and all sorts of data connectors

No Soundman Required

If the new mic preamp device from Sabine, called “Phantom Mic Rider“, can do what it claims, the days of the sound man may be numbered. This inline preamp plugs directly between a microphone and a mixer, at the mic

How Much Longer Will We Need This Analog Link?

When asked about the invention of the automobile, Henry Ford said “If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have asked for a better horse.”¬†Ford realized early on that a potential purchaser of his invention had no way to

Sad Tale of The Energizer Bunny

Because our web site,, scores so well in Google search, many consumers assume, incorrectly, that we are actually Duracell, and they contact us about customer service issues- even if they did not buy batteries from us. Mostly, they email

Wondering how to choose a good mic stand?

Wondering how to choose a good mic stand? Here are some suggestions. What type of microphone will you be using? It you plan to use the same mic, or mics of the same size, then you will only need to

Wireless Mic Folklore

As someone who has owned and used wireless microphones for years and now sells lots of batteries for them, wireless mic folklore has been part of my work life for years. Recently, I had a chance to examine something that

Computer Guy, Meet Sound Guy

My experience with using personal computers goes back to the early 1980’s, so I’ve had more than my share of opportunities to set up, take down, reconfigure, and generally wander around computer peripheral cabling. The more I handle this stuff,

An elegant solution for a vexing problem

We used to operate a large audio visual rental equipment business here in the college town where we are located. The majority of our rentals were in small sound systems and we rented a lot of what came to be

Automatic mic stand

Since we sell mic stands, I am not really too focused on highlighting web sites that are in direct competition with us. Still, I just came across a product that is too cool to ignoreWhile the notion of spending $800.00

Instant Church

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We have had a strong involvement in supporting sound and audio-visual technicians in the church market for many years, and I have recently become aware of an exciting new trend in church services. This involves churches that hold services in