Great job, Midas! spokespersonIf you follow this blog at all, you know that I don’t hesitate to slam a service or product if I feel that good value or customer care are not part of the equation.

Well, it only seems fair that when I come across a really exceptional product or service, then that should get fair coverage as well. I’d always rather write about something positive.

It would be hard to write too many positives about my recent experience with the service department of Midas, the company that makes high end sound reinforcement mixers.

We were involved several years ago in the upgrade of the sound system at Kenan Stadium, the football stadium at UNC Chapel Hill, my alma mater. There had been a problem with the Midas Venice 2400 that had been installed during the upgrade and it became necessary to return it to Midas for service.

We contacted the regional Midas rep who not only arranged for us to get priority treatment from the Midas service center in Minnesota, but also provided, at no cost, a loaner Midas mixer for the stadium sound crew to use until the repair could be made.

After shipping the mixer (using the online service form they provided was simple), we were able to get updated status info on the repair every time I gave them a call. No being put on hold. No voice mail. No “we’ll get back to you”. Just friendly, informed technicians who knew exactly what was going on with the mixer.

When Midas found out that this mixer was in use in a 60,000 seat stadium and UNC was in the middle of the football season, their techs assured us that the mixer would be back in time for the next home game. They got it back to us a full five days before the promised date!

No quibbling about warranty-we were half way through a 3 year warranty period. No problem with return shipping-Midas paid it. No problem with follow up information-Midas told us exactly what the problem was and what they did to fix it.

We have a Midas Venice 320 in our rental equipment pool and I am looking forward to our next mixer purchase. It will be a Midas!

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