You’ve Got To Be Confident To Label Your Cases In Pink!

spokesguyI usually end a blog posting with an invitation for your to send us an interesting use for something we sell. I got a really good followup from a customer who buys gaffers tape from us.

This company uses the neon colored gaffers tape to label equipment cases in their stage equipment rental business.

A different color is used for each type of instrument case (e.g. neon green for drum cases, neon orange for keyboard cases, etc.) This allows for quick preparation of customers’ rental orders (they have hundreds of cases in their warehouse) and cuts the check in time when an order comes back to the shop for unpacking.

Colored Pro Gaffer gaffers tape can be written on with a Sharpie Marker, so additional information can be added to the label (e.g. exactly what is in the case, associated cases, etc.). Even further “quick identify” info can be added by using multiple stripes of one or more colors.

Gaffers tape is extremely durable and long lasting and can be removed cleanly from a case without leaving adhesive residue.

These guys keep the color red in reserve to mark incoming cases that might need to be repaired or put on the bench to be checked out for possible problems.

The colors are really handy on an event site as well, as no one else on a site that might involve a dozen or more vendors is likely to have labeling like theirs. Its quick and easy to instruct a stagehand to put all the cases with neon green and electric blue labels together. Best of all, a 60 yard roll of tape will make hundreds of labels.

Maybe you’ve got another useful labeling idea? Share it with us! is your online source for Permacel gaffers tape, Duracell Procell batteries, MagLite flashlights, Nashua duct tape, Bay State wire ties, Electratrac and Coast Wire extension cords, OnStage Stand mic stands, and lots of other useful production supplies.

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