Red Tape-Now the Government Is Buying It!

Tex TalksMy Google News server delivered up this little tidbit earlier in the week.

A federal judge in Nashville yesterday sentenced Natalie Coker to 46 months in prison. Coker was the associate director of the V-A’s Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy in Murfreesboro.

Coker and her boss, Joseph Haymond, were arrested in November after investigators uncovered a scheme to get kickbacks from a company that was selling the red tape to the V-A at inflated prices. The tape is stamped with the word “security” and is intended to deter tampering.

Judge Robert Echols found that Coker personally received more than $115,000 in kickbacks from a company that was selling security tape to the VA at inflated prices.

While there is nothing funny about government corruption, you’ve got to admit that the notion of the Veterans Admninistration buying red tape is a little humorous, regardless of the price.

We do, however, sell red tape ourselves (gaffers tape, duct tape, spike tape, etc). We would be happy to sell it to you (or the government) at a fair price.

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