Net Neutrality Under Fire!

spokesguy I normally stay away from politics and controversy. Its enjoyable to write about our customers and comment on products and vendors, and that has been my focus.

However, today, there is an issue that I feel is worthy of discussion outside of my normal realm.

Net neutrality is under attack and if the big media and telco companies get their way, it will impact how we use the internet for generations to come. Net neutrality is the concept that any traffic on the net moves with the same priority and speed, regardless of who sends or receives it. These limitations on those who control the digital pipeline, preventing favorable treatment for some over others is basic to the explosive growth of the internet. Without it, we will quickly have a system of “haves” and “have nots” when it comes to how the internet handles your information requests.

Our company has been able to grow and prosper because, online, your orders, our web pages, your inquiries, etc. move at the same speed as data being transferred by the largest and most powerful companies in the country. We have been able to establish a niche for distributing our products and information and make good jobs for our employees because of net neutrality.

Now companies like Bell South and Comcast want to give priority to large companies that can pay more for access to the pipeline and, thus,  see their traffic move at a faster rates than the rest of us.

These are companies that have been given public monopolies in the past, as telephone and cable companies, with the promise that they would use this monopoly to build infrastructure so that everyone’s data would move faster. They have failed to honor their commitments to their customers and the communities they serve. Consequently, the United States has some of the slowest internet speeds in the developed world. If net neutrality is allowed to slip away from us, these same companies-the ones that have been given monopoly opportunities-will be able to decide who gets fast internet service and how it will be made available.

If you believe that innovation and grass roots growth can’t survive in a monopoly enviroment, let your representatives in Washington know how important you believe net neutrality is.

Got an opinion on this or some other important issue of the day? Let us know.

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