look out google, here we come!

spokesperson for goodbuyguys.comImagine my satisfaction in discovering this morning that one of our goodbuyguys.com sites, buybattery.com, has achieved page two ranking in google for the search term “duracell”. This is amazing, particularly when you realize that entering “duracell” in the google search engine returns 9,550,000 hits.

Our web developer, Dale Norris, has been working on this site since June and he has followed all the generally accepted search engine optimization strategies to achieve this ranking. No secrets. Just hard work. His attention to detail never ceases to amaze me and his ability to stick with a task day after day is amazing to behold. No one web master has a complete knowleged of how to achieve top rankings in search engines (no matter what your email may say.) Dale is part of a really amazing community of open source web developers and he gives as much to this community as he gets. His contributions to goodbuyguys.com reflect greatly on the open source community.

Goodbuyguys.com is a collection of web sites (including buytape.com, buybattery.com, buymicstand.com, buyextensioncord.com, buyaflashlight.com and buywireties.com) designed to deliver a great selection of entertainment production and audiovisual supplies.

In the coming months, we look forward to adding sites like buygels.com and buywirelessmic.com to our goodbuyguys roster.

Dale will continue to work on buybattery.com until its page 1. Keep checking at google. I know he can do it.

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